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QuoteAnything.com is software as a service offered by JUMPER Software, LLC.

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QuoteAnything.com is easy to use and easy to start using. You can sign up today, and start sending quotes to your customers today. In addition to QuoteAnything.com, JUMPER also offers its flagship software, at a higher cost.

JUMPER’s flagship software includes all of the QuoteAnything.com functionality and so much more. For example, customers can order online. Quotations can be turned into sales orders, and sales orders can be turned into vendor purchase orders. Material received pursuant to a vendor PO can be checked into inventory, and then packing slips can be generated and included with deliveries to customers. Accounts receivable and accounts payable are automatically entered into a third party accounting system such as QuickBooks or Sage 100. The functionality of JUMPER’s flagship SaaS is comprehensive.

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